Monday, 29 March 2010

3rd Mensiversary

So I just figured out that a monthly-anniversary is actually called a "Mensiversary"!

And it's time for my 3rd one ;)

As usual, I have these mensiversaries in order to fulfill my duties as a blogger to the bestest audience, to thank you all, entertain you and draw a smile on your faces every now and then...

This month is actually Maz Jobrani's month in Oman, so I thought putting a video of his would be suitable to raise the level of anticipation of those going to his show. So here you go! (I suggest forwarding the first minute as it's just an intro)


P.S. A mini survey: do you guys think I should continue with the "mensiversaries" or are they getting lame? Just wondering! You're opinion would be much appreciated :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Reminder - Earth Hour Again!

Sorry to post about the same subject again, but just a reminder that in one hour and a few minutes Earth Hour will begin... It's quite exciting and seems like Oman's government will actually join the cause (appears so from the local newspapers).

Just one hour, go on, switch it off!

Here's how 2nd Cup is participating, I thought it was a cute initiative...


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Earth Hour

Dear all,

Saturday, 27th of March 2010, from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. will be....

Help the world for one hour by switching off as many electrical appliances as possible. This includes lights, laptops/computers, televisions, barely-used refrigerators ;), water heaters, modems, fans, and everything that works using a switch! It's your chance to help the world, save some energy, reduce the load on those poor continuous electricity generators, and save some of the diminishing gas reserves we luckily still have... prepare yourself with some candles, chocolates, and good friends or family to have long chats with for just an hour...

I understand that if you're in Oman it could be dark, and you might feel bored and hot. However, what do people in the dark, feeling bored and hot usually do? *wink wink*

Ehem, the above does not apply to single gents/ladies...

It's only one hour out of the 8760 in a year. Try it out, it's fun!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Closing Your Mind to Reality


She’s a Muslim who wears the scarf, but not the abaya (black cloak worn in the GCC). Her clothing, while conservative, is always colourful and stylish. She gets married. Her husband asks her to wear the abaya. She accepts, and while her personality doesn’t change, her dress-code does. She gets divorced (for unrelated reasons). She sees no reason for wearing the abaya anymore, and takes it off. Her clothing returns to being conservative yet colourful.

Her family:

Look at her. She’s a lively stylish young woman who knows how to dress up. That marriage created a siege on her personality, and constrained her freedom. Thanks to Allah she got divorced.

Her ex’s family:

Look at her. That marriage taught her to be a good Muslim, with proper ethics and decent shy behaviour – which is highly encouraged in Islam. Divorce put her back to zero, and may Allah guide her to the true path now.


The company was facing a financial crisis. If they didn’t do anything urgently, it could’ve gotten liquidated immediately. They held an abrupt meeting to discuss the problem. The 1st attendee suggested a solution. They all agreed. The 2nd attendee suggested how this solution may be implemented. They all agreed. Everyone went home with a smile on their faces.

1st attendee’s thoughts:

If it wasn’t for me, that company would’ve lost everything. I should force them to give me a promotion when this mess is cleaned up.

2nd attendee’s thoughts:

If it wasn’t for me, that solution would’ve been executed all wrong. It could’ve been a disaster. I should force them to give me a promotion when this mess is cleaned up.

A few weeks later, the company goes bankrupt.


She was beautiful and she was a star. She took good care of herself (exercise, healthy food, make-up) and she was extremely successful at work. She and her husband decided to get a baby. They got one, and she resigned from work. 2 years later, the baby is chubby, cute, and smilingly looking at his exhausted, fat, messy mother. She smiles back weakly.

Her 1st friend:

Dear God what happened to her? I feel so sorry for her. She’s lonely now; her husband is always out at work and she’s got no time to see family or friends. Plus all her previous beauty has gone away, and her successful career is forgotten. May Allah ease her pains.

Her 2nd friend:

Oh look at that adorable child she’s got. Lucky her. Her life was empty before, just a routine like any other Omani citizen. Now it’s full of love and plentiful cuteness. I wish Allah engulfs me with blessings just as her’s.

Dearest readers,

Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes you need a reality check to confirm your thoughts. Sometimes your thoughts seem to match the story, and the conclusion seems accurate. The biggest problem is to act upon your conclusion without ensuring that it is correct.

P.S. Apologies for posting a bit late, I’m too busy and will be even busier within the next few days! Bear with me, and soon this blog will be updated more regularly :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

If I Just Wasn't Human...

If I just wasn't human... If I just didn't have all these limitations... If I just could, then I definitely would...

I wish my sight wasn't limited, so I can see you on the other end of the globe...

I wish my height wasn't limited, so I can look over you, and after you, all day long...

I wish my time wasn't limited, so I can give more of it to you...

I wish my life wasn't limited, so I can ensure my decease doesn't hurt you...

I wish my understanding wasn't limited, so I can accept your wishes without discussion...

I wish my imagination wasn't limited, so I can go on and on forever...


Although I'm human, and in many aspects incomplete,

Know that my love is not limited, it goes beyond and above my humanity...

The heart within Stimulus

Monday, 1 March 2010

Are We THAT Important?

A time will come where you feel loved, cherished, appreciated, surrounded by everyone and cared for by many. A few days later, loneliness surprises you, and confusion blinds your sight. What happened? I thought I was doing fine… What did I do wrong?!

A little voice in your head tries to get heard. It tries to tell you something: a small chance that it’s the answers you’re looking for. But you push it away and enjoy living the drama you’ve just created for yourself. I’m so lonely. No one cares about me. I work hard, I try my best, and yet I fail.

Since the story is leading from one chapter to another, you decide to make it more interesting. Egoism. Always an essential ingredient for self-thoughts, due to the fear of “losing one’s self”, whatever that means. No one deserves me. No one really knows how much I’m worth. Well it’s their loss. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Knock knock, who’s there? Arrogance! Oh well, let them be. I’m not going to stoop to their level. I know what I am, who I am, and I love myself. I always try to fix things first – but na’ah, not this time. It’s time I give myself some credit.

But things don’t get fixed. The story either continues to become even bluer, where denial, anger, annoyance, aggressiveness, and finally depression join the drama, or a splash of realization surprises your thoughts and leaves you with utter confusion. You know you’ve got to stop thinking like that, but what are you supposed to do? What’s the “right path” this time?

The thing is, to simply demand the situation to change for the best effortlessly, and ignoring self wrongdoings, will never be the right move. Self-help books’ authors and psychologists persist that under-confidence, a quality implicitly yet widely spread in humans, could be a root cause to many relationship problems. They enforce the importance of loving your self, nurturing it, protecting it, and allowing some time each day to tell yourself that you’re better than what you think.

And this idea is becoming stronger in our daily lives. We have to take “some time to think” before allowing ourselves to ….. our spouses unconditionally. We don’t call back if our missed call wasn’t returned. We don’t excuse friends who haven’t been in touch for a while, because “it’s clear that they’re not interested”. And then we wonder what went wrong!

In contrast with the psychologists, Islam teaches humbleness, loving others and putting their needs before ours. It tells us that if we have a minuscule bit of arrogance then we don’t deserve to go to heaven. Islam warns us of negatively thinking of others without solid proof. And even if proven guilty, we’ve got to forgive to be forgiven.

So yeah, I disagree with modern day psychologists. I think they’re giving out wrong advice (in this aspect). This whole bullshit about self-importance, self-this and self-that, either results in total confusion or complete anger. When you’re deep in negative thoughts and want to get out of them, start with a positive gesture (a smile, a gift, spread some love, revise your last few actions and consider apologizing) to break the negative cycle. Trust me, it’ll work. We’re just humans; we live a short life, better make the best of it rather than dwell on how important and significant we are.