Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Earth Hour

Dear all,

Saturday, 27th of March 2010, from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. will be....

Help the world for one hour by switching off as many electrical appliances as possible. This includes lights, laptops/computers, televisions, barely-used refrigerators ;), water heaters, modems, fans, and everything that works using a switch! It's your chance to help the world, save some energy, reduce the load on those poor continuous electricity generators, and save some of the diminishing gas reserves we luckily still have... prepare yourself with some candles, chocolates, and good friends or family to have long chats with for just an hour...

I understand that if you're in Oman it could be dark, and you might feel bored and hot. However, what do people in the dark, feeling bored and hot usually do? *wink wink*

Ehem, the above does not apply to single gents/ladies...

It's only one hour out of the 8760 in a year. Try it out, it's fun!


  1. My son has been reminding me every few minutes "remember we have to turn everything off..it's coming soon" :) I think it's a good idea...plus we all go to bed early around here, don't think it would bother us all that much lol

  2. One hour wont help. I dont think.

    But I will be sure to be revving my 6.7 liter car's engine for that whole hour AND running all taps in the house AND all lights will be on.

    I dont want our city thinking it's almost died!

    However, what do people in the dark, feeling bored and hot usually do?

    LOL. I sleep actually. Alot! Like a dead Panda bear! 0_o

  3. One hour might not help much with the electricity itself, but it's a way to create awareness (hence help in the long run). And particularly us, the Gulfians, sure need some awareness on the use of electricity! We use it like there's no tomorrow, like our gas/oil will never come to an end, like there are no health effects whatsoever.

    And don't worry about UAE looking dead, I'm sure that'll never happen looking at the amount of traffic alone ;)

    Here's a hint for what people do: bed + bedroom + sheets + .....

  4. As Stimulus said its about awareness and actually i think one hour DOES make a difference if we all participate. In that hour if bored try to think of the many people around the world who do not have the luxury of electricity. I visited areas in the past and seen children who do not have the minimum requirements for living (just living not good living), no power no clean water.

  5. You know all this caring and awareness in one hour will be a shock to the UAE's system. It will start to think we dont care. No no, I must pick up the slack for the rest of you who are so selfish that you want to make the cities feel neglected! SHAME ON YOU!

    Here's a hint for what people do: bed + bedroom + sheets + .....

    SLEEP! See! It's still sleep!

  6. i dont get it.. will the goverment close the exectricity or we shoudl do that?

  7. No Standy

    This is an individuals/family movement to encourage efficient use of electricity. So governments have nothing to do with it. You do it personally in your own home, with your family if possible, for that hour on Saturday :)

  8. ultra blue you're seriously telling me you don't get it? How old are you! :P just kidding...

  9. Are you the same Stimulus that posted this http://oman-stimulus.blogspot.com/2010/02/2nd-month-anniversary.html just a month ago :p

    On a serious note, yah I agree it's a positive move for awareness, for putting ourselves in others' shoes and for contributing to the world. Plus, you save an hour worth of electricity charges in your next bill :)

    Oh and I won't comment on your last paragraph :p

  10. LOL good one Shahrazad!

    It's not so much the environment I care about, it's more the diminishing gas/oil reserves in the country, the health side effects, and of course our bills ;) But I'll be careful next time :P

  11. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    nothing wrong with trying to get some awareness out there!

    you have to start somewhere. at least someone is trying to do something rather than everyone do nothing.

    LOL @ your last paragraph!!

  12. Stimulus said...
    ultra blue you're seriously telling me you don't get it? How old are you! :P just kidding...

    I'm almost 30! why? Should I like sleep less that I am older?! *confused*


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