Monday, 29 March 2010

3rd Mensiversary

So I just figured out that a monthly-anniversary is actually called a "Mensiversary"!

And it's time for my 3rd one ;)

As usual, I have these mensiversaries in order to fulfill my duties as a blogger to the bestest audience, to thank you all, entertain you and draw a smile on your faces every now and then...

This month is actually Maz Jobrani's month in Oman, so I thought putting a video of his would be suitable to raise the level of anticipation of those going to his show. So here you go! (I suggest forwarding the first minute as it's just an intro)


P.S. A mini survey: do you guys think I should continue with the "mensiversaries" or are they getting lame? Just wondering! You're opinion would be much appreciated :)


  1. I never even knew such a word (as mensiversary) existed =P

    I think you should continue with em; maybe post some extra thoughts on the post of the month that got the most comments from the reader =)?

  2. Congratulations!

    Continue with them for sure, I am positive they do a great job motivating you to continue writing and to remind you that there are people out there who do enjoy reading your blog! Above all, it is YOUR blog and you do whatever you like to do with it :)

    All the best!

  3. i sugegst you continue with them,, they are like your signature mark.. each blog has something unique that makes them stand out and that is yours =)

    i cant wait to go and see this dude..

    and happy "mensiversary"

    why is there "men" in the word?

  4. Carry on girl, carry on... I had no idea the word existed till now... anyhoolio, looking forward to Maz :0)

  5. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it... Mensiversaries will remain then as my blog's signature ;)

    Standy, I think "mensis" is a Latin word meaning month. That's where the "men" in mensiversary comes from ;)

  6. that was a good laugh .. it should light up my blue world.

  7. Did anyone check out the interview with Maz in Thursday magazine?

    Congrats on successful blogging. Keep it going!


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